George Spears, PhD, CMRP
President, ERIN Research Inc.
George Spears

Dr. Spears is President of ERIN Research Inc., a Canadian research firm with 31 years of recognized performance in quantitative and qualitative analysis in Canada and abroad.

Dr. Spears is known for his groundbreaking work on service quality, employee engagement, and media research, in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors.

Dr. Spears has designed and directed four iterations of the award-winning Citizens First research which, together with The Common Measurements Tool, forms the intellectual foundation of service improvement initiatives across Canadian jurisdictions.

Dr. Spears has done pioneering work in defining the drivers of citizen, business, and client satisfaction with services, programs, and products as well as determining the drivers of employee engagement.

The selected projects of ERIN Research illustrate Dr. Spears’ extensive leadership in customer satisfaction research in both French and English. They illustrate Dr. Spears’ capacity to design and deliver research that pushes the envelope and offers new, powerful insights in the form of clearly communicated results and actionable plans.

Kasia Seydegart, MSW, CMRP
Vice-President, ERIN Research Inc.
Kasia Seydegart

Ms Seydegart is Vice-President of ERIN Research Inc. which she co-founded in 1981. ERIN Research is a management consulting research firm that specializes in quantitative and qualitative research.

Ms Seydegart has gained recognition for her diagnostic, analytical, and communication skills, and for innovative solutions to service delivery, media, and strategic issues.

She is well known for her refined qualitative research skills particularly in focus group research, key informant and stakeholder interviews, and for building collaborative relationships.

Ms Seydegart has co-authored many studies on client satisfaction. She co-directed the award-winning Citizens First initiative (1998, 2000, 2003, 2008).

She has extensive expertise in conducting innovative research with employees, citizens, and business clients in the public, private, and not- for-profit sectors.

Ms Seydegart has a strong commitment to improving social policy and social welfare in Canada.

Ms Seydegart has conducted numerous workshops and presentations on service improvement for service quality leaders and providers. She was Chair of the Advisory Committee, Research Analyst Program at Georgian College for five years. She is Incoming Chair of Bethell Hospice Foundation.

Ms Seydegart is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012).

Pat Zulinov, PMP, CMRP
Director, ERIN Research Inc.
Pat Zulinov

In her twenty plus years with ERIN Research, Pat Zulinov, Director has managed many studies in both French and English.

Ms Zulinov was instrumental in the design and execution of a broad range of surveys. In particular she contributed immeasurably to the series of four nation-wide Citizens First studies and to the award-winning Employee Satisfaction Survey conducted for the Region of Peel in 2002 and 2003, as well as many other studies.

Ms Zulinov has managed many national and international media analysis projects including those for CBC, CTV, SOCAN and other music collectives.

Brenda Nicholson, Diploma Business College
Business Manager
Pat Zulinov

Ms Nicholson has managed numerous large data projects as well as the day-to-day business portfolio at ERIN Research for more than 12 years.

Her background is as a research associate, interviewer and database manager. She now manages the administrative aspects of ERIN's research associates. She also handles the technology and data requirements related diverse research projects.

In sum, Ms Nicholson is involved in every ERIN Research project, from inception to conclusion.